B.F.A. in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD 2003

Scenic Artist Apprenticeship at the Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia PA 2006



Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Richmond VA

Latex Mask Making Teacher

● Course covers sculpting with WED clay, molding with plaster, casting latex and painting techniques.

Corotted Artistry, Richmond VA

Painting and Fabrication Artist (2015-Present)

Shop Foreman-Bob Gorman Art Director-Matt Maguire

● Sculpting, mold making, and painting projects for custom creature fabrication shop.

● Designing new products for company.

● Sculpting in oil and/or earth clay. Molding making in plaster, fiberglass, and silicone. Casting using latex or resin.

● Paint jobs done with tinted lated and airbrush or spray depending on surface medium.

● Run companies social media outlets (instagram and facebook) and oversee email correspondences with clients, keeping track of orders, payment and shipping.

● Shop maintenance, clean up and storage of materials.

GWAR/Slave Pit Inc., Richmond VA

Fabrication Artist (2014-Present)

Shop Foreman-Bob Gorman Art Director-Matt Maguire

● Painter and fabricator for the performance band GWAR in their scene shop making props and costumes..

● Sculpting in oil and/or earth clay. Molding making in plaster, fiberglass, and silicone. Casting in latex and polyfoam.

● Paint projects involving tinted latex, 1 shot enamel and spray paint. Applied using brush or air compressor.

● Use of sewing awl, and sewing machine.

● Communicating with band members about their costume needs and overseeing fittings.

Current Designs Inc., Philadelphia PA

Production Asstant (2010-2017)

Company Owner Ben Dugan

● Assemblage and testing of fiber optic medical devices used in MRI's. 

● Receiving and handling of repair orders. Communicating with customer service about nature of repairs.

● Data entry on company's twiki page. Updating log of all orders and creating instructional web pages of assembly processes for various types of handheld devices. Photographing and uploading images to twiki pages.

● Keeping track of supplies and reordering. Communicating with company's machine shop regarding custom or machined parts stock.

● Labeling and packaging of devices for shipment.

Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia PA

Scenic Artist (2006-2016)

Scenic Charges Kata Kolb and Leslie Curd

● Overhire scenic on numerous productions from the past several seasons.

● Interpreting designer elevations.

● Mixing color, flat painting, faux finishing, wood graining, distressing, lettering, wallpapering, wall prep, foam carving, surface texturing, backdrop layout, graphite transfers.

● Tools used-scale rule, compass, chalk line reel, lining stick, tack lifter, staple gun, pneumatic gun, drill, hudson sprayers, air compressor, pounce wheel, surfoam shaver tool, hand saw, belt sander, palm sander.

● Mediums used-vinyl acrylic scenic paint, Mixol tints, charcoal, crystal gel, polyurethane, Sculpt or Coat moldeling paste, joint compound, jaxsan.

● Back painting hard scenery with flame retardent infused paint.

Quinlan Scenic Studios Inc., Marcus Hook PA


Scenic Artist (2012-13)

Scenic Charge-Jan Supco

●Overhire at scene shop working on projects for clients including the Smithsonian Institute and the Philadelphia Flower Show.

● Painting hard scenery, prepping surfaces, faux treatments, adornment of hard scenery.

● Oversaw faux stone paint project on Big Ben for their client the Philadelphia Flower Show 2013.

Adam Lowenbein, New York NY

Decorative Painter (2006-10)

● Worked as artist assistant in studio on projects including sewing, stencil cutting, and sample making.

● Assisted on mural and floor painting work for design firms Diamond and Baratta and Mark Hampton LLC under Adam Lowenbein.

● Prepping locations for work, taping off and covering or removing furniture and rugs. 

● Decorative stencil work and free hand paint projects on floors.

● Measuring and taping out for geometric design based paint projects on floors and murals.

● Clean up of work sites and tools.

Center Stage, Baltimore MD

Scenic Artist (2004-05)

Scenic Charge-Craig Brown

● Overhire scenic artist on productions The Voysey Inheritance, Elmina's Kitchen, The Price, and Lady Windermere's Fan.

● Painting hard scenery, faux treatments and distressing. Large scale charcoal transfers for backdrops.




Decibel Magazine

Richmond Magazine


Parlor of Horrors at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Charlottesville VA (2017)

Onibaba (Demon Hag) latex mask in horror themed group art show.

The Dawn Chorus at The Convent, Philadelphia PA (2017)

Atenazar latex mask in group art show.



Scarab Tank

Art nouveau Egyptian themed paint job on motocycle tank in 1 shot enamel. (2017)

Occultist, US Bastards

Pen and ink and marker illustrated flyer for bands playing a show at Banditos in Richmond. (2015)

Telegraphic Tree

Hand painted canvas banner for business. (2014)

Band Energy LP Dead Magic

Oil painting and lettering for album art. (2014)

My Mind LP Path Masher

Album art. (2009)

Best Fest Philadelphia

T shirt and pin designs sold at outdoor music festival. (2007)



BAT Beware of the Bat Music Video, directed by Ryan Waste and Jim Stramel

BAT costume fabrication, and first victim (2017)

Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix commercial produced by The Misery Brothers

Prop/Wardrobe (2015)

● Created Tomatoface mask used in commercial under Corotted Artistry, based on design by Brad Douglas.

Meridian by Kilp Collective

Costume/Wardrobe (2014)

● Fabricated headpiece for empress character in short video submission to Circle of Light Festival in Moscow Russia.

Before The Sun Comes Up by Sharon van Etten, directed by David Kessler

Set Design (2014)

● Fabricated and painted dungeon wall and bone tv prop, set dressed studio recreating a 70's horror host stage and dressing room.

● Prop wrangling.

The Pride directed by Quichen Cao

Art Direction/Make Up (2013)

● Painting and set dressing rooms, gathering props, wardrobe and make up for short film.

● Beijing opera make up on actors.

● Blood effects.

Groundhogs directed by Jamel Northern

Art Direction/Props (2013)

● Created outfits for groundhog puppets.

● Set dressing and prop wrangling.

● In charge of wardrobe.

● Blood special effects.

DEER directed by Alessandro Zangirolami

Set Decorator (2013)

● Created wolf and deer drawings that were used as set dressing/props in short film.

Maquette 1:1000 directed by Doris Lin

Art Direction/Production Design (2013)

● Painting and set dressing rooms.

● Prop wrangling.

● Wardrobe.

Blackout directed by Natasha Ngaiza

Art Direction/Production Design (2012)

● Created silhouette set for back lit shadow play scene.

● Made several paintings which were used as main characters artwork.

● Set dressing.

● Wardrobe.

● Prop wrangling.

Detonator directed by Keir Politz and Damon Maulucci

Asst. Production Design (2012)

● Prop wrangling.

● Set dressed punk venue basement scene, collected and made flyers and fake tape labels.

Love Letter directed by Lindsey Martin

Production Design (2011)

● Painted 2D room set, a replica of virtual bedroom in film.

● Fabricated worm puppets, one plush, one wooden and one made of hair for different fantasy segments of film.

● Set dressing.

● Prop wrangling.